Thanks for taking the time to check out my page. I’ve debated for the past few years whether or not to try to start blogging again, and decided it was time to try again.

A little about me:

In 2020 I started a new role as an engineering manager for Mile Two in Dayton, OH after nearly 15 years in the non-profit sector with Athletes In Action.

While I love code, I have found helping to lead teams, and discovering and delivering cutting edge solutions for the customer my real passion and have found my new role to be a great fit for me. Mile Two’s motto is “we do cool stuff, with cool people.” I have found that to be true in my time thus far, getting to work on both unique contracts for the Air Force as well as help design and train how we work on projects as an organization.

At Athletes In Action, I primarly worked with a .NET stack to build and provide support to all internal process and data structures. I oversee all the internal web development, MSSQL databases, SSRS reporting along with a number of other things. Being a small department, we support many systems across multiple technologies which has it’s challenges, but also gives us a wide variety of experiences and knowledge when faced with new problems.

At home, I have been blessed with a beautiful wife and two boys. They are my joy to serve and do life with. I also help lead a Troop through Trail Life and attend New Community Church for the last decade. I love to serve and share with others for the sake of the gospel.

Many days, my life feels very different between the hours of 8 and 5 then those I spend at home after work. I love the work I do, and strive to produce while carrying the needs of a big organization, but outside of work life takes on a whole new field balancing the needs of family. Reconciling what it looks to be blogger with that diachomety has at time paralyzed me to not want to write. But that’s who I am, and where I am at in life. So you’ll probably find both; lots of 8-5 stuff in my role as a developer, and some after hours stuff as I try to balance it all, while serving God through it.

Thanks for stopping by, Andy

updated December 23, 2021