Why Not?

Part of me wonders why try this blogging thing again. Has anything really changed since the last time I attempted this? Last I checked I still have a wife and kids (one more since the last time I tried this). I still have a crazy job, and lots of responsibilities on my plate. I still have a home, and still lead a house church, among other things. So everything really points to this ending up pretty much the same way the last time I tried blogging ended - a handful of posts and then dormant. I pride myself at not quitting, but blogging has always gotten the best of me.

So why try again?

I think deep down, I desire to share. It’s part of who I am, and there seems to be community of people out there like myself who are grinding away at the job day-in and day-out, helping one another solve problems by simply taking the time to share, many times without knowing how their work helped another. I use blogs daily to help solve the problems I face in my role as a devloper, but sometimes it takes my own work to figure out the solution. I need to give back. I want to give back. So why try this blogging things again? I simply say:

"Why Not?"